Universal High Pressure Water Filter Showerhead Ionic Handheld Filtration Spa

Universal High Pressure Water Filter Showerhead Ionic Handheld Filtration Spa


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Product Description

Product description:
Experience the luxury of a negative ion mineralized shower in the comfort of your home.
HK handheld shower head offers the ultimate shower experience - negative ion mineralized spheres purify water and improve mineral nutrient absorption.
Our 3 layers of mineralized spheres will greatly reduce impurities in your water that will often dry your skin and cause an imbalance in your oil glands.
With the purifying effect of the bioactive stones our shower heads will help you restore balance. Health benefits may include smoother skin, reduced oil secretion, increased cell viability.
Great for the environment, everything from the packaging to the product is fully recyclable.
We also want to create awareness that clean water is not always easy to obtain around the world.
Our showerheads deliver an incredible amount of water pressure thanks to our laser cut micro cone shaped holes technology.
Triple Filter to Protect and Softens Your Skin and Hair: Purifies water and rejuvenates your skin in your bathtub
High Pressure Water Filter Showerhead
Water Saving : Micro nozzle mechanism saves water up to 30%.Water saving without sacrificing water pressure thanks to laser perforated technology
Smoother skin and reduce oil secretion: bioactive stones help restore balance in oil glands
Economical and Ecological: These beads also deal with hard water and prevent a build-up of rust, keeping both your skin and the shower head clean. Great suitable for both babies and pets
HK low flow handheld shower head offers luxurious spa experience without the price tag
Easy to Install and Maintain: This shower head can attaches to any standard shower hose (not included) in minutes

Handheld filtered shower head: Your shower water is purified and your skin is protected from chemicals.
Efficient shower head is ecological and economical: laser-cut cone shape holes in shower heads, help you save on the water fee.
Easy to install: attaches to any standard shower hose in minutes.
Suitable for men, women, children and pets
High Pressure Water Filter Showerhead Lonic Handheld

Anion Balls: A variety of precious minerals which easy to absorb by the skin, makes skin more elastic.
Infrared mineral balls: Activate cells promote blood circulation, delay skin aging.
Energy Balls: Can adjust the pH of water to slight basic, beneficial to health.

Product information:
Name: Showerhead
Color: clear chrome
Weight: 10.58oz
Product Dimensions:10.5 x 4.1 x 3.2 inches
Suitable for: All people and Pets

Package: 1* Shower head
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