FITNATE Gray Travel Money Wallet Belt Pouch Blocking Hidden Passport Holder Bag
FITNATE Gray Travel Money Wallet Belt Pouch Blocking Hidden Passport Holder Bag
FITNATE Gray Travel Money Wallet Belt Pouch Blocking Hidden Passport Holder Bag

FITNATE Gray Travel Money Wallet Belt Pouch Blocking Hidden Passport Holder Bag


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BLOCKING: It is equipped with a built-in advanced secure technology in this inner lining of money belt. It can effectively block electronic signal and thus, protecting your identity card and bank card information from disclosure, meanwhile, preventing high-tech pickpockets from stealing and avoiding unnecessary scan. Your important items can be well kept in this wallet belt.

PREMIUM-GRADE MATERIAL:The front surface is made from lightweight and waterproof nylon material, which is possessed of a ton of good performances, such as high density and anti-tear feature. The back mesh grid fabric is breathable enough for moisture absorption and sweat releasing. You will feel comfortable when hanging it around your waist.

ULTRA-THIN, SAFE & SECURE: This type of travel money belt is designed to be ultra-thin and lightweight, thereby, it is very easy to conceal it inside the clothes. From the outside, it is of flat shape and it doesn’t look bloated, you can put all of your valuables in this wallet belt. When it comes to the security check before boarding, it’s convenient to take out your passport and ticket.

Travel Money Wallet Belt
MULTIPLE POCKETS: There are two interlayer zipper pockets with two side pockets on the left and right. So car keys, cigarette lighters or other gadgets can be acceptable. Moreover, with three mesh grid interlayers inside the large zipper interlayer, important items can be well organized in these inner pockets. The outer zipper pocket is equipped with an earphone jack, you can enjoy music anytime.

CONVENIENT TO CARRY: The length of elastic waistband can be adjusted according to your personal demands. You can wear it around your waist or hang it around your shoulder, you will enjoy a comfortable trip with this hands-free travel wallet belt. It is suitable for both men and women and it is applicable to various occasions. It’s the best choice for travelling or daily leisure.

One of the most outstanding features is that this wallet belt has a built-in anti-theft advanced technology- blocking. In this way, it can protect your important items from being stealing and prevent your identity and bank card information from getting out.

Travel Money Wallet Belt
This travel wallet belt consists of two parts, the front part is made out of nylon material, which is proved to be water resistant and lightweight. The back part is some kind of mesh grid fabric, which can help maintain your waist breathable.

Compared to other similar bags, our travel wallet pouch is lightweight and super thin, making it easy to hide it in your clothes when going out. Due to its flat and bloated characteristics, you will find it convenient to put all of your essential items into this wallet belt.

Premium-Grade Material
Lightweight, Water Resistant & Breathable
Ultra-Thin, Safe & Secure
Multiple Pockets
Convenient to Carry

Travel Money Wallet Belt
Material: Nylon
Product Size: 13.8 * 0.1 * 5.9 inches
Product Weight: 101g

1 * Travel Money Belt
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